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My name is Michael. “Crying Out Cinema, in the Center of the World” is a project of mine, started January 1, 2012. I frequent movie forum boards and discuss movies, but in general don’t often get to the heart too much when I explain or talk about the films I love or have an interest in. This is why I made this site, to discuss movies that have inspired or moved me, and to share them and my thoughts about them in more specific detail. Basically I want to highlight movies I think are worth talking about, namely because I love them or find a connection with them.

I have devised a system to operate this project with, and unless it bores me or gets used up, I’ll stick to it. The system is thus: I will discuss one of my Top 100 Films, ranked in the Top 100 section, using a random number generator to pick it. But also to keep discussion fresh, I’ll just generally update about films I like or have a desire to talk about, as well as new watches that are worth discussing. I encourage readers to reply to the movies I’ve chosen and my analysis of the film.

All content Copyright 2012, Crying Out Cinema.

Contact: Michael

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  1. love the blog bro

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